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Aileen Riggin Soule is Swimming's Oldest Living Olympian
Aileen Riggin Soule was born in May, 1906, and trained under the great Coach Louis deB. Handley at the Women's Swimming Association in New York. Now, 93 years, later she is acclaimed as the "Grande Dame of Hawaii's Olympic swimmers".

There are few who can emulate Aileen Riggin Soule's colourful career. As a 14-year-old Aileen Riggen was the first Olympic springboard women's diving champion. Four years later in 1924 at the age of 18, she became the only female in Olympic history to win medals in both swimming and diving - silver in the 3-metre springboard and, and bronze in the 100 metres backstroke.

She moved to Hawaii in 1957, and is still a ranked Master Swimmer. In 1967 she was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. She is the founder of the Hawaii Senior Games Association and is still a board member. Aileen is one of the most sought after swimming celebrities in Hawaii and the U.S.A. For her many fund-raising and motivational presentations, she was named, "Grande Dame" of the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1988. She addressed the U.S.Team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.